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About Samuel Smiley...


        Hailing from Florida, the American vocalist and songwriter Samuel Smiley is the new age of Pop and contemporary R&B! He is a electrifying singer and performer! Some would say within a couple of seconds of hearing him you feel the a legend in the making!

His mom even remembers him singing since he was 4 years old and knew that he had a gift. He was born November 4th into a very musical family of 10, which included 8 boys and his mother and father. He was surrounded by music, and always found himself creating sounds. From beat boxing to beating out rhythms on pots and pans to singing and dancing, he did it all. Now those same skills that he developed as a young child is the very reason his music is what it is today. His creative process is so free and innocent which allows him to create such off the wall music. 


      His voice is very versatile and packs a punch of passion and diversity infused with such a smooth tone. In his singing he combines the perfect ingredients of pop, r&b, soul and rock in a way that makes him stand out amongst so

many other greats. While Samuel is on stage, he is that person that continuously surprises you. He is that off the wall artist that will keep you interested and wanting more. Samuel is not afraid to go that extra mile to make sure his fans gets and have an experience. He says that when he is singing it's like he is somewhere else and everything just comes together and feels right. 


    Music to Samuel is life. It's alive and living and that's why he loves and enjoy what he does. He

feels like music is a way for him to be vulnerable, real and express the story of his life as well as

others. He wishes to capture true stories and true events and use them as a way to connect with 

his fans. 

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